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The Blue Hole Nature Park, located in South St. James, has been chosen as one of four Labour Day projects to be given national focus, under the National Labour Day theme, “Volunteerism, Intervention, Beautification and Empowerment for Success (VIBES).”
The project, which was recently given the nod by Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Olivia Grange, was the brainchild of Member of Parliament for South St. James and Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives, Derrick Kellier.
It is expected that some 250 volunteers from surrounding communities and the wider St. James, will be mobilized to give of their labour on Monday, May 25, in an effort to resuscitate the once beautiful and picturesque nature park.
Speaking with stakeholders and members of the St. James Labour Day Committee today (May 15), Mr. Kellier expressed his appreciation to Miss Grange for selecting the project, which is expected to benefit citizens and enhance the economic viability of the community.
“I want to suggest that some level of pre-Labour Day work be carried out so that, on Labour Day, we will see a lot of production taking place,” Mr. Kellier said.
“We will, therefore, be doing some cleaning-up and lining out of the area beforehand, because we are planning to plant some 800 timber and fruit trees and other plants,” he added.
He also stated that after the work has ended, each person will be given a fruit or timber tree to plant at home.
The scope of work will include cleaning, clearing of rubbish, digging of holes, planting of fence posts, running of barbed wire, planting of trees including fruit, lumber and coconuts.
Chairman of the meeting, John White, said that the project would cost in the region of $1/2 million, and that businesses and organizations across the parish would be approached for support.
Councillor Homer Davis urged the committee to seek to mobilize community groups, and to get them integrally involved in the sustainability of the project.
“I believe that this is a worthwhile project and I am encouraging the parish to unite and give of their best and to embrace this project,” Councillor Davis pointed out.
The other three projects for national focus on Labour Day are: St. Ann’s Bay Hospital, St. Ann; Riversdale Sports Court, St. Catherine; and the Ginger Resuscitation project in Clarendon.

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