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Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Senator Floyd Morris has called on the society to develop incentives to motivate delinquent fathers to play an active role in their children’s life.
The State Minister who was speaking at the Ministry’s Early Stimulation Programme Fathers Award function yesterday (May 16) at the St. Paul’s United Church in Kingston pointed out that the issue of absentee fathers is very prominent in Jamaica, but the problem is even more prevalent when the child is disabled.
“Some fathers don’t want anything to do with their children once they have a disability because some of them hang on to the stupidness that it must be some curse that has caused the child to have a disability. So it is extraordinary fathers who really give the sort of the support that they give to children,” he stated.
Senator Morris commended the 25 fathers and grandfathers of children with disability who were recognised for the support and contribution that they have made in the children’s life.
“When we see men who stand by their children, we have to hail them and salute them, especially in the context of Jamaica. A significant portion of our Jamaican men are not standing up to their responsibilities, and worse yet when their children have a disability,” he said.
In the meantime, Senator Morris disclosed that the Government is now in the process of putting in place the National Disability Act to protect the rights and dignity of persons with disability.
“We believe that for too long persons with disabilities have been discriminated against and marginalized, and certainly the Ministry.is committed to correcting that wrong that has been in our society for years”.

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