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The Ministry of Labour and Social Security, in collaboration with the Social Development Commission (SDC), deployed approximately 100 social workers in West Kingston, today (June 1), to conduct a three-day social survey, following the recent operations by the security forces.
According to the Permanent Secretary in the Labour Ministry, Alvin McIntosh, the objectives of the investigation is to assess the level of dislocation to families, damage to houses, business and property and loss of income arising from the operations.
A number of residents in and around the affected areas are PATH beneficiaries, and as such, the survey will seek to assess how these persons were affected.

Social Workers from the Social Development Commission and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security about to embark on their social assessment in West Kingston, today (June 1). The objectives will be to assess the level of dislocation to families and to gather information that will assist the government in providing appropriate support to the residents. The exercise is expected to last for three days.

The social workers will be in the West Kingston communities of Denham Town, Tivoli Gardens, Fletchers Land, Hannah Town and other areas. The exercise, which began today, is expected to end on June 3, after which a report will be submitted to the Prime Minister.
Mr. McIntosh explained that the information obtained from the survey will be used as a basis by the Government to provide appropriate support to the residents of Western Kingston.

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