JIS News

Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Derrick Kellier, is urging all Jamaicans earning an income to contribute to the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), so that they can benefit from the programme after retirement.

Mr. Kellier, who was speaking at a Jamaica House press briefing, held at the Office of the Prime Minister on June 6, pointed out that all working Jamaicans, including those who are self-employed, have both a legal and moral obligation to contribute to the scheme.

“We want the word to go out, so that all Jamaicans, from all walks of life, know that they have a duty to contribute to the NIS, so that we can ensure that benefits that are accrued can be distributed to them when the time comes,” he emphasized.

The Minister lamented that, “many persons want to receive benefits, but they don’t contribute.” He said the NIS is a very important aspect of the Ministry’s social protection programme and must be seen as an investment by Jamaicans.

The NIS is a compulsory contributory funded social security scheme, which offers financial protection to workers and their families against loss of income arising from injury on the job, incapacity, retirement, and death of the insured.

Contact: Athaliah Reynolds-Baker