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The Ministry of Health is reporting that there has been a slight increase in the cases of gastroenteritis in the parishes of Manchester and Clarendon, which were badly hit during the onslaught by Hurricane Ivan.
Speaking to JIS News, Dr. Deanna Ashley, Director of Health Promotion and Protection in the Ministry of Health disclosed that although the number of cases ranged between two and five per day, “there is no real outbreak”.
There was no need for panic, the Director said. However, she urged persons to be vigilant in ensuring the implementation of various preventive measures issued by the Ministry.
Preventive measures include boiling water for up to five minutes before removing it from the fire or disinfecting it with two drops of bleach to one quart, shaking it well, then leaving it for 30 minutes.
The Director also advised the washing of hands after using the toilet and before eating. “These are the messages that we have been sending out regularly to help to reduce the risk of contracting viral illnesses of any form, especially gastroenteritis,” she noted.
As for the presence of other illnesses associated with hurricanes, Dr. Ashley said that based on daily surveillance by the Health Ministry, to date, there were no reported or confirmed cases of Dengue and Typhoid fever.

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