JIS News

Six Judges were sworn in today (April 5), to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court by Deputy Governor-General, the Very Reverend Canon Weeville Gordon, at a ceremony held at King’s House.
The judges are: Mahadev Dukharan, who will serve in the Court of Appeal; Martin Gayle, Marva McDonald Bishop, Christine McDonald and Bertram Morrison, Puisne Judges; and Audre Lindo, who will serve as Master-in-Chambers in the Supreme Court.
In his remarks at the ceremony, President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Paul Harrison stressed that the swearing in of the judges was very important as, “it is not just the Legislative and the Executive that are important.”
“We are of equal importance and when we have this imprinted into our minds, then we go through our duties with that sense of importance and that sense of responsibility,” he said.
Citing the current initiative to reform the justice system, Mr. Harrison emphasised that it was important to have the persons who will make the system work.
“There are several persons who are perhaps learned in the law who we will never consider to be judges. It is not just a matter of what you know as a brilliant person in the law, but it is equally important that you have integrity and honesty, and once we fall away from that standard, we are going to be in a serious problem,” said Justice Harrison.
“We not only want people who are learned in the law, but we want people who are of unquestionable integrity and that must be our aim,” he added.
In his charge to the judges, Justice Harrison said that, “we know that you are not working under the best conditions; we know that our machinery is not of the highest quality, but we manage, and all we are asking you is to do the best you can in those circumstances.””We know that is difficult, there are long hours.but the sacrifice and the devotion that you must what will make you very good judges in the long run,” said Justice Harrison.
Speaking on behalf of the judges, Justice Dukharan said they would perform their duties faithfully. “We are a committed bunch; we are cognisant of what we have to do, and we will endeavour to do our best,” he said.