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Several sites in Montego Bay are being considered for upgrading by the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment, in tandem with a number of related agencies.

Minister of Tourism and Entertainment, Hon. Dr. Wykeham McNeill; Minister of State in the Ministry, Hon. Damion Crawford,  and  other  stake holders from agencies and businesses, toured a number of  locations in the city, that are being proposed for upgrading on August 29th.

The team visited Bogue Road, at the Western end of the city; the Montego Bay Civic Centre, in Sam Sharpe Square; the Harbour Street Craft Market; the Old Fort Craft Market and Heritage site; the Success Craft Market in Rose Hall, and the Elegant Corridor along the Rose Hall main road.

While touring the Bogue Road, the Minister pointed out that there is the general recognition that there are different elements to developing tourism in a country, which include marketing and developing a good product, among others. 

He said that the tour involves getting first-hand information on a number of proposed projects from the Montego Bay Resort Advisory Board and the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), which are to be implemented within this financial year.

"There are a series of projects they want to put forward for this year, so State Minister Crawford, myself and the team from the ministry are down here to look at the projects that are being proposed.  We are here also with the Mayor and the Resort Board Chairman,” the Minister said.

Dr. McNeill emphasised that the projects to be implemented must be of long term value, and lasting in nature. “You want something that years from now, you can look back and say this is an iconic project,” he added.

The Minister said that efforts must be made to get the Montego Bay community to buy into the improvement projects, with a special focus on the private sector and the educational institutions in the city.  He suggested that an engagement aspect be included in the projects, where different businesses and institutions are asked to control certain segments of the projects.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Montego Bay Resort Advisory Board, Evat Bloomfield, told JIS News that there are some eight proposed projects being discussed at the moment for presentation to the TEF for funding.