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Lillian Sangster-Allen, the last surviving sibling of the late Sir Donald Sangster, former Prime Minister, died on June 10, in Cape Coral, Florida. She was 95 years old.
Born on April 16, 1913 in Hanover, ‘Miss Jeslyn’, as she was affectionately known, worked as a home maker while volunteering in the health department, rotary club, area women’s federation, and as a community advocate. She was also a Pastor of the Church of God of Bath Mountain and President of the Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) for many years.
While in Jamaica, she raised not only her two children but took in her three nieces until they were adults and able to go out on their own.
Miss Jeslyn migrated to the USA in 1979 to be with her daughter in Hartford, Connecticut. She was also a foster grandparent at the Mark Twain Elementary School in Hartford, where two of her grandchildren were students.
While living in Hartford, Miss Jeslyn served on many committees at the New Testament Church of God, with particular interest in the Sunday school department. She loved the children and gave of her time as an investment in their education.
Details of funeral arrangements are to be given later.

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