JIS News

Executive Chairman of the Sugar Industry Authority (SIA), Ambassador Derrick Heaven says while it is still unclear what impact the recent flood rains will have on the upcoming sugar crop, it is estimated that 150,000 tons of sugar will be produced and that all sugar factories, except for Long Pond, will be in operation.
“What was known is that before the flood rains the cane supply looked as if it would be significantly more than last year. To what extent the flood rains have affected it, we don’t know for sure. Preliminary tests at some estates show that we may be pleasantly surprised,” Ambassador Heaven told JIS News.
The Chairman also acknowledged that some farmers may be concerned as to the impact that the flood rains could have on the quality of the cane juice and thus on the payment they will receive for their crop.
Ambassador Heaven is in London attending meetings of the International Sugar Organisation.
He said a better estimate for the crop year will be known in a few weeks time, and indications are that all factories have completed their usual maintenance schedule with the exception for the Long Pond factory in Trelawny, which closed for major refurbishing and retooling.
The Chairman said farmers who normally supply cane to Long Pond, and the estate cane will be now trucked to the Frome Factory in Westmoreland, and that this will not be an additional cost to the farmers.