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KINGSTON — The Tax Administration Jamaica will be introducing a mechanism to allow the public to confidentially call or mail in information on persons suspected of cheating the Government out of much-needed revenue.

A Tax-Cheat toll-free line, 1-888-292-4328, will be introduced on May 1, Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw revealed, as he opened his budget presentation for 2011/12, in the House of Representatives Thursday April 28.

“I am inviting all well meaning, civic minded Jamaicans to report incidents of tax-cheats, and you won’t have to give your name. These reports will be confidentially received and discreetly investigated by senior officers, similar to the successful Crime Stop Programme,” he said.

Mr. Shaw said this has become necessary, as the Government moves to ensure that persons pay their fair share of taxes. He stressed that because it is difficult for Tax Administration to take on the task alone, the public’s support will be engaged to identify persons, individuals and companies cheating the Government of tax revenue.

“It is not fair for some persons, such as employed persons paying under the PAYE, system to be burdened while others are not meeting their tax obligations,” he stated.

The Finance Minister insisted that, if everyone pays their taxes, the Government would have more resources to meet the ever growing needs for education, health, national security.


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