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Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Audley Shaw, has expressed gratitude to the American Flying Dentists, for more than 30 years of invaluable service to communities in and around Manchester.
Speaking at a function put on by the Rotary Club of Cristiana at the Mandeville Hotel in Manchester, on March 4, to honour the group, the North Eastern Manchester Member of Parliament noted that the dental volunteers, who have returned to Jamaica every year since 1978, have demonstrated a clear commitment to service.
“Over the years, thousands of individuals have benefitted from the programme, particularly young people and the most vulnerable in the society. The programme has not only focussed on damage control, but has emphasised prevention and the promotion of self-care and healthy lifestyle practices,” he stated.
Outlining the work of the Flying Dentists in the parish, Minister Shaw said that in addition to meeting the dental needs of rural residents, the group donated the first computer to Holmwood Technical High School, which provided the platform for the establishment of two computer laboratories at the institution, with 40 work stations.
The group also helped with research into the effects of water fluoridation in primary schools; provided assistance in the establishment of a small business revolving loan fund; and facilitated overseas funding and support for a dental programme, as well as medical goods for the Percy Junor Hospital.
“The true value of the contribution of the Flying Dentists is reflected in the improvement in the quality of life of rural folk, the positive interaction that has been generated, which seems to grow stronger with each passing year,” Minister Shaw stated.

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