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An update on the Christiana Development Road, in Manchester,  was provided today, by Communications Manager at the National Works Agency (NWA),  Stephen Shaw.

He told JIS News in an interview that the development road would be constructed under the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP), at a cost of US$8.9 million.  “Preliminary estimates by the NWA had put the cost of the project at US$7 million. This figure was arrived at prior to the completion of detailed designs,” he pointed out.

“We had at that time a preliminary design. A final design was completed and the final design is what has informed the cost. The final design would have included the geo technical work,” Mr. Shaw said.

“It would have taken into consideration the fact that we needed to build two structures to facilitate the local traffic, as there are two community roads that cut across the new road. From a safety standpoint, we had to take that  into consideration. So, a final design was arrived at and from this, we came up with the cost of the project,” he explained.

In addition, the length of the road has been extended.  The original length was 700 metres, but it was decided to extend it by another 300 metres to 1 kilometre to take the termination point outside the town.

“We  want to increase the possibility for the town being expanded and to allow for that area to develop, so the decision was taken to add an extra 300 metres, which we believe is the correct thing to do,” Mr. Shaw said.

He emphasised that residents of Christiania are set to benefit significantly from the project, and that commuters will experience fewer delays when the roadway is completed.

“The benefits will include the widening of possibilities that the person in Christiana will have by way of investment, and also to impact positively the lives of the persons in South Trelawny, the nearby parish of Clarendon and in St. Elizabeth,” Mr. Shaw said.

The JDIP represents a major undertaking by the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) to significantly improve the island’s road network, enhance the quality of life of citizens and stimulate economic development.

This programme has resulted from an innovative partnership between the governments of Jamaica and the People’s Republic of China, and is recognised as the largest, most comprehensive infrastructural programme to be implemented in Jamaica. 

The Government of China, through its Export Import (EXIM) Bank, has made available US$400 million (approximately J$36 billion) for the programme of works to be effected islandwide on roads, bridges, drains and traffic systems. The programme will be undertaken on all roads, main and parochial, and will be done  over a period of five years.



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