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Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Audley Shaw, has commended founders of the MoBay Hope Medical Centre for establishing the facility, which has over the past 10 years, provided quality private health care to thousands of patients from western Jamaica.
Speaking at the centre’s 10th anniversary dinner and awards function at the Half Moon Conference Centre in Montego Bay on March 15, the Minister said that the event represented a significant milestone in the life of the city of Montego Bay and of the facility.
“I want to commend Sydney and Sylvia Engel for the wonderful gesture and the vision that they had of establishing MoBay Hope 10 years ago. It’s wonderful to see the role that MoBay Hope has been playing in the Montego Bay community for these past 10 years,” Mr. Shaw said.
“We therefore thank God for MoBay Hope and for the Engels and for what they have done in bringing this vision into reality and for how well it has been serving the people,” he added.
Alluding to Jamaica’s hope for better health care and a better life for the people, the Minister emphasized that all must share a collective vision of moving the country forward.
“We need to have a collective mission to create a society in which our people are well trained to meet the challenges of this time, that they are gainfully employed, that they have a decent standard of living and that they can enjoy peace and prosperity in a clean, safe and healthy environment; that ought to be our collective mission,” the Minister pointed out.
He cautioned that in the upcoming budget presentation, the country should expect challenges.
“As I am going into this budget debate, I want to say something to you and I want to say it in earnest, don’t expect any magic in April. The challenges are great but the truth is . you cannot snap your fingers and get over it overnight. We have to earn our way, we have to get our people to work and become more productive,” Mr. Shaw said.
MoBay Hope is a non-profit medical diagnostic and treatment centre established in December 1997 with the goal of providing high quality, affordable emergency medical services to citizens and visitors to Jamaica’s western areas.

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