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Conflict resolution officers, prefects, sub prefects and student counsellors of the Clan Carthy High School, in St. Andrew, have been encouraged to display positive values and attitudes and to be confident performing their duties.
The challenge was made yesterday (October 6), at an event dubbed, ‘School Invasion’, organised by the Students For Transformation (SFT), the youth arm of the National Transformation Programme (NTP).
This is one of several activities held by the youth group to observe SFT Week, under the theme: ‘True transformation begins with you and me’.
Speaking to the students at the school, Director of Development, Planning and Monitoring of the NTP, Fabian Brown challenged the young leaders to believe in themselves and to be confident about it.
He encouraged the young leaders to refrain from merely “trying” and to “start doing” in order to be better persons. “We are not trying to do anything, we are doing it, so my challenge to you is don’t try and be good, just be good. Don’t try and go to class, go to class. Don’t try to get to class on time, get to class on time,” he added.
In an interview with JIS News, Mr. Brown said the SFT will continue to sensitise the students and teachers about the core values of the SFT. He explained that the SFT had engaged the students early this month when some of them were taught to play chess, a game being used for behaviour modification, strategic thinking and transformation. According to Mr. Brown, a number of students have expressed their interest in being a part of the SFT.
He said that about nine have been chosen to be student representatives of the SFT to promote the transformational process and that similar events were scheduled to take place at other schools, including Duhaney Park Primary School and Dunoon Technical High School in Kingston.
The SFT Week, which began on Sunday, October 3, ends on Saturday, October 9. Among the activities is a media campaign, aimed at getting radio stations to play “positive empowering songs compiled by students of the SFT as transformational songs.”
“We are seeking to saturate the airwaves on Friday (October 8) with those songs as a means of getting that transformational message through our talent and our music,” he noted.
As part of the function, there were performances by Kristen Grenyion, DJ Slims and the Flava Fresh dance group, after which the students were asked to identity some of the transformational messages in the items.

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