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The threat of rainfall could not keep away the huge crowd, which descended on the Seville Heritage Park grounds in St. Ann on Wednesday (Oct.13) for Heritage Expo 2010.
Thousands of students and teachers from various schools across the island turned out to support the event, where they enjoyed cultural performances from Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) award-winning groups, while viewing exhibitions on the country’s heritage from agencies including the Jamaica Information Service (JIS).
Also featured were archaeological dig whereby students are shown how to gather evidence of the past and make slide presentations. A candy thrower was on hand to demonstrate his skills, while there were displays of craft items and traditional foods.

Students from the Ocho Rios Primary School perform a traditional dance at Heritage Expo 2010 held on Wednesday (Oct.13) at the Seville Heritage Park in St. Ann.

“We had a very good turn out today despite the weather. We had over 2,000 students from different schools across the island and overall the day was good,” Operations Manager at the Seville Heritage Park, Claudette Anderson told JIS News.
She said that the annual event, organised by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT), as part of Heritage Week celebrations, “is very important because the young people need to know about their heritage. They need to know about their roots so that they can believe more in who we are as a people and move forward into the future being fully aware.”
She commended the teachers and students on their level of participation and is encouraging Jamaicans, especially parents to seek to educate their children about their heritage and culture.St. Ann resident, Pauline White said that the day was entertaining as well as educational and she enjoyed it very much.
“I have learnt a number of things here today and I would encourage Jamaicans to come out and support an event such as this whenever it is being held,” she said.Goshen Primary School student, Naomi Lewis told JIS News that she too learnt a lot at the Heritage Expo.

Students enjoy the offerings at Heritage Expo 2010, held on Wednesday (Oct.13) at Seville Heritage Park in St. Ann.

“It was very interesting and the Seville Heritage Park is a very interesting place to come. I liked the displays but I liked the Jamaica Information Service booth the most, because they had many interesting books that we can learn from, and they had a lot to tell us about our heritage, our culture and our country,” she said, while thanking the JNHT for hosting the event.
Heritage Week is being observed from October 10 to 18 under the theme: ‘I Believe in Jamaica… Our Land… Our People… Our Heritage’.

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