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The Rural Water Supply Limited (RWSL) has five water supply projects to be implemented in the parish of St. Mary.
They include systems in Hunts Town/Wellington, Mason Hall, Top Enfield/Galliwasp, Platfield and Agualta Vale.
This was outlined by State Minister in the Ministry of Water and Housing, Everald Warmington during his contribution to the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on July 8.
Mr. Warmington noted that the Hunts Town/Wellington water supply would cost $40 million and would serve 1,845 persons in the western section of the parish. He said that tenders are being invited for the project.
“The Mason Hall water supply project will cost some $190.7 million. Design reviews on this project are being carried out on a phased basis. Tenders will be invited for the first phase by August this year (and) 7,500 residents in this area will benefit from this project,” he said.
He further pointed out that in South Eastern St. Mary, the Top Enfield/Galliwasp water system would cost $15 million and would serve a population of 746. He noted that tenders were invited and returned, and are being evaluated. He added that a contract would be awarded by the end of July.
Another major project that will be undertaken in the parish is the Agualta Vale water supply system. This project is estimated to cost $120 million and will serve a population of 18,538.
“At present, design reviews are jointly being carried out by the RWSL and the National Water Commission. The project is slated to come on stream during the 2009/10 financial year,” he said.
The State Minister also informed that investigations have been completed for the Pratfield water supply system and tenders are to be awarded in the near future. The cost of this project has been estimated at $31 million.
Meanwhile, Mr. Warmington said that in the adjoining parish of St. Ann, a contract was awarded and works are in progress for a slow sand treatment plant for the Cascade water supply project.
“Completion for this $4 million project is slated for September this year. When completed, the system will serve some 4,057 residents in the communities of Cascade, Battersea, Mt. Moriah, Bohemia, Wild Cane, and Borrobridge,” he said.
Additionally, he noted that the Higgin Town/Bamboo water supply project would also be implemented in the parish. This system will be developed at a cost of $147 million and will serve a population of 7,175 residents of Higgin Town, Bamboo, Ebeneezer, Lime Hall, Seaview, Lumsden, and Brittonville.
“Work on the test pumping and development of the Green Park well is slated to commence in another two weeks. Pipelaying, reservoir, and pump station contracts are expected to be tendered after the amount of available water at the well is confirmed,” the State Minister told the House.

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