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Despite early morning rain, members of several communities in Portland came out to work on projects, which were registered with the Portland Parish Labour Day Committee.
The cleaning and beautification of cemeteries in Port Antonio and Buff Bay were designated as the parish projects from a total of 15 projects registered with the Committee. In an interview with JIS News, Simone Ingleton, Co-ordinator of the Portland Labour Day Committee, said that despite the rain she expected a successful day of work, as the people of the communities were eager to complete their projects by the end of the day.
Surveys by JIS News revealed that work was on-going in Port Antonio, Buff Bay, Hope Bay, Norwich, Snow Hill, Black Rock and Commodore.
Some of the projects included the painting of bus sheds, the bushing of road ways, the repairing of side walks, the painting of schools and the building of garbage receptacles.
Commenting on the day’s activities, Say Neusville, Acting Secretary/ Manager, Portland Parish Council, said she was confident that the day would produce outstanding results, despite the slow start because of the rain.
She said that Committee members would be providing as much support as possible to communities working on projects, so as to get their full support. Activities for Labour Day were carried out under the theme: ‘Honouring Our Ancestors.Strengthening Communities’.

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