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Residents of Mile Gully and its environs in North West Manchester are to benefit from several new developments, including the construction of a new high school and a well to supply piped water in the community.
This was disclosed yesterday (October 4), by Member of Parliament (MP) for the area and Minister of Local Government and Environment, Dean Peart, at a ‘Face-to-Face’ meeting in Mile Gully.
“We are also building two basic schools right now, one in Sweet Mango (Coley Mountain) and one in Inglewood,” Mr. Peart pointed out.
The MP said that enough water has been identified underground to satisfy the needs of JAMALCo bauxite and alumina company, Mile Gully, Inglewood, Coley Mountain, Maidstone, Bethany and Ballynure.
“JAMALCo will start the well and will bring water to Mile Gully. The National Water Commission will bring the water from the well and distribute it to Mile Gully and its environs, and then they will work out a phased bring water into the other areas,” Mr. Peart said.
In relation to the water problem in the Freetown community, the MP said he had sent a letter to the National Water Commission to explore the possibility of bringing water from the Balaclava supply into the area.
On the matter of flooding in a section of Mile Gully, he said that the National Works Agency would be meeting with the contractors, and work is expected to begin on Monday, October 8, “to build two pits . and link both pits with culverts, at a cost of some $3 million”.
Both pits are expected to hold the excess water during periods of heavy rainfall. Meanwhile, Director of Project Management and Technical Services in the Ministry of Education and Youth, Lauriston Wilson, said other developments for the community of Mile Gully included the building of additional classrooms at the current High School and the construction of sanitary facilities in schools within the area.
Also participating in the meeting were Hydrologist with the Water Resources Authority, Angella Graham, and Mining, Development and Operations Manager at JAMALCo, Timothy O’Driscoll.

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