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Activities to observe Local Government Month in St. Elizabeth began with three church services at different locations across the parish over the weekend. In the town of Black River, the venue was the St. Peter’s Anglican Church, for Santa Cruz it was the St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, and in Bull Savannah, it was the Church of God.
Secretary/Manager of the St. Elizabeth Parish Council, Opal Beharie told JIS News that several other activities were planned for the month.
“In terms of trying to raise the awareness of our young people about the working of the council, we will be staging the official junior council meeting on November 17,” he said.
Mrs. Beharie pointed out that the event would take place at the E.V. Allen chambers in Black River.
“We also have plans for the staging of a fun day at Independence Park where we will be having various games and competitions.the playing of dominoes, cricket, netball, traditional and popular dances as well as six-a-side football on November 20,” she indicated.
Mrs. Beharie explained that in keeping with the strong emphasis on informing the public, an education forum would also be held.
“This is a whole day affair and will take place at the Invercauld Great House and Hotel on November 24, beginning at 9:00 a.m. We are encouraging as many of our residents and students who can make it, to come out and participate in the exercise,” she said.

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