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Mayor of Portmore, George Lee, has called on Jamaicans to set new standards to assist in curbing corrupt practices at all levels of the society.
“There are corrupt people in churches, schools and everywhere. Corruption is throughout the community. Therefore, we need to tackle it. Let it be part of the standards we set, that we want change in our society because what is happening cannot continue,” he said.
Mayor Lee was speaking on (August 6) at an Independence Day flag-raising ceremony held at the Portmore Pines Plaza in Greater Portmore, St. Catherine. The event was organised by the Portmore Municipal Council and the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) to mark Jamaica’s 43rd anniversary of Independence.
Before the official ceremony, there was a parade and march pass by officers from the St. Catherine South Police Division, the South St. Catherine Power of Faith Scout Troop and the Portmore Pace Setters Band.
Constable Paul Miller of the St. Catherine South Police Division later raised the national flag.The mayor challenged the citizens to join hands in making their communities great, noting that much more could be done in helping to fight crime, poverty and improving the lives of citizens. “Let us see Portmore as a company in which we all can join hands together. The municipality cannot do it alone,” he emphasised.
He welcomed the recent announcement by Minister of Local Government, Community Development and Sport, Portia Simpson Miller to audit the Portmore Council to determine whether it was operating within the central government’s financial guidelines.
“Portmore people, you hold me accountable. There’s an audit of Portmore and I welcome it because we have nothing to hide. Let them come in and let them look at our books and let them see that we are operating properly,” he stated.
Following the Mayor’s address, Independence messages from the Governor General Sir Howard Cooke, Prime Minister P.J. Patterson and the Leader of the Opposition Bruce Golding, were read by Clover Allen-Romellie of the Lay Magistrates Association of Jamaica; Dr. Paul Robertson, Minister of National Development and Member of Parliament for South East St Catherine and Senator Arthur Williams, Jamaica Labour Party Caretaker for South East St Catherine, respectively.
Attending the ceremony were State Minister in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, and Member of Parliament for South St Catherine, Fitz Jackson; Councillors of the Portmore Municipality; Superintendent Elbert W. Nelson, St. Catherine South Division; President of the Portmore Chamber of Commerce, Millicent Lynch; and Portmore Festival Queen Annakay Anderson.
Entertainment was provided by the Gregory Park Agape Christian Fellowship group and Lamar Beckford, who performed a drumming piece titled, ‘A so wi do it’.

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