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The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s (JCDC) St. Elizabeth office will be undertaking a series of activities this month in observance of National Heroes Week under the theme: ‘Celebrating our heritage.the strength of our nation’.
JCDC Parish Cultural Organiser, Vivien Morris-Brown, told JIS News that the events “will be focusing on the work of our National Heroes and heroine, as well as paying tribute to some of our more outstanding community stalwarts, who also have done their part to make us a great parish.”
Activities will get underway on Monday (Oct. 9) with the launch of a heritage exhibition at the JCDC office in Santa Cruz, beginning at 10:00 a.m.
“We encourage all interested persons to pay us a visit and to come and look and touch some of the artefacts and other cultural treasures, which hold the key to the collective heritage of Jamaicans. These artefacts, she explained, will be on display for three weeks and will be in the form of what we call a heritage house.”
On Friday (Oct. 13), there will be a mini heritage festival at Lewisville High School in New Market, which will showcase a delightful array of Jamaican culinary treats, storytelling and live cultural performances.
The highlight of the week will be the Heroes Day Salute at Independence Park, Black River on National Heroes Day, Monday (Oct.16).
“The focus will switch to the work of the National Heroes with special recognition being given to St Elizabethians, who have been outstanding in areas such as education, community work, art and culture, religion, as well as for gallantry,” Mrs. Morris-Brown told JIS News.
Meanwhile, on Thursday (Oct. 26), there will be a heritage quiz for schools at Pommel’s Restaurant and Lounge.
“This activity encourages students to acquire information about Jamaican heritage. Each student as well as institution receives a certificate of participation and the top three schools are presented with trophies and other incentives,” Mrs. Morris-Brown informed.
A thanksgiving ceremony at the Siloah Seventh Day Adventist Church on Saturday (Oct. 28) and a kid’s cabaret, tea party and fashion show on Tuesday (Oct.31) complete the slate of activities for the parish.

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