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    Chairman of the South East Regional Health Authority (SERHA), Lyttleton Shirley, has praised local nurses for their contribution to the health sector over the years.
    Mr. Shirley rated the role of nurses as pivotal, not only in addressing communicable diseases, but also in the adverse case of providing chronic care management to patients.
    He was speaking at a ceremony to celebrate International Nurses Day and to launch National Nurses’ Week, at the Terra Nova Hotel, Kingston, on Wednesday (May 12).

    “Our nurses have consistently shown compassionate care, established orderly routines in a systemized environment, within which patients heal in the face of adversity,” Mr. Shirley stated.
    He noted, however, that while the role of a nurse is instrumental, patients need to be educated on the benefit of treatment and the risk of not properly following their treatment regime.
    Mr. Shirley encouraged the nurses to continue ‘delivering quality care’, by establishing good working relationships centered on effective communications with doctors.
    “Our nurses must build partnerships with all care providers. They must show excellent leadership qualities. They must display an unconditional passion for health care, believing that nothing is impossible when the right approach is used and fostered with knowledge, sincerity, commitment and dedication,” he said.

    President of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ), Edith Allwood-Anderson (left), listens to a comment from Group Managing Director of the Lasco Group of Companies, Peter Chin during a ceremony to launch National Nurses’ Week at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston on May 12. National Nurses’ Week will be observed from July 18 to 24 under the theme: ‘Delivering Quality, Serving Communities: Nurses Leading Chronic Care. The ceremony was also used to recognise International Nurses Day.

    President of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ), Edith Allwood-Anderson, said that as part of provision of incentives for nurses, the Ministry of Health has committed to five scholarships per year to the profession. She added that, to date, over 20 registered nurse/midwives have benefited from advanced level training.
    She noted that International Nurses’ Day provides the platform for nurses to renew and rally their commitment to the leadership of health care, provision of nursing care services, prevention, promotion, restoration and rehabilitation of quality care in the country.
    Managing Director of the Lasco Group, Peter Chin, also commended the nurses for “outstanding humanitarian service” to the country, and their commitment to building high professional standards.
    “International Nurses’ Day is about acknowledging and celebrating the invaluable legacy and ongoing service of nurses, worldwide. This day is therefore a fitting time for me to applaud the enthusiasm of our Jamaican nurses, and their commitment to build Jamaica through high professional standards,” Mr. Chin said.
    The Lasco Group of Companies is an annual partner with the Nurses Association (NAJ) in staging International Nurses’ Day and National Nurses’ Week activities.
    National Nurses Week will be observed from July 18 to 24, under the theme ‘Delivering Quality, Serving Communities: Nurses Leading Chronic Care. The Lasco/NAJ Nurse of the Year awards ceremony will mark the culmination of Nurses Week on July 24.
    Other activities include, an ecumenical church service at the Oracabessa New Testament Church of God, St. Mary, July 18; NAJ Founders’ Day celebrations at Terra Nova Hotel, July 19; and the Nurses’ Summer School at the Girls’ Guides headquarters, Kingston, July 20 to 21.

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