JIS News

Director of the National Council for Senior Citizens, Beverley Hall Taylor, is appealing to citizens across Jamaica, to assist in this year’s observance of Senior Citizens Week.
According to Mrs. Taylor the Council has received overwhelming sponsorship support from organisations, but there is still need for persons to give a helping hand in every parish.
“We have received wonderful support from organisations especially within the Corporate Area, but there is still need for more help. We are therefore, appealing to citizens across Jamaica that seniors need to be shown some appreciation for the services they gave to the country over the years. The Council needs assistance in all areas you can think of, so volunteers make your self available,” she urged.
She made the appeal in an interview with JIS News, on Tuesday (September 2), while also outlining that this year, the Council would be undertaking a number of activities in line with this year’s theme, ‘Seniors continuing their role in Nation Building’.
“The theme for this year’s observance is in line with our focus on seniors, who have made a significant contribution to nation building. So it’s a week of appreciation, thanksgiving and just sharing with each other,” she said.
She noted that the week would be used to specially recognise at least five seniors from each parish, who have been, and continue to contribute to nation building.
“The week will be used for public awareness, not only for seniors but the general public on programmes that the Government and the Council offer. It will be used to pay tribute to seniors who are nation builders and still continue to do so. Every year, each parish recognises five or more seniors who have exemplified our theme and this year, we are looking at a number of areas such as education, health and religion etc,” she informed.
Mrs. Taylor pointed out that there would be an award ceremony and health fair, which would also be used to educate seniors and young people about programmes that the Government offers in these areas.
“This year our awards ceremony and health fair will be used as an educational forum. This means that a number of organisations will be in attendance to inform citizens about the programmes being offered by the Government, such as the Ministry of Health, Heart Foundation, Diabetes Foundation, Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), and all the health-related agencies,” she disclosed.
The National Council for Senior Citizens, will be hosting its 37th National Senior Citizens Week, each week from September 4 to October 4 and on a parish basis, from September 7 to 27, under the theme ‘Seniors continuing their role in nation building’.
For the national celebration, there will be a host of activities throughout the parishes to highlight the week and to showcase the talents of seniors. “Some of these activities include, a national spelling bee competition, health fair, cultural afternoon, schools’ debate, national thanksgiving service, national grandparents day service, tree planting ceremony, garden party, national awards ceremony, and exhibition and sale day,” said Mrs. Taylor.
The National Council for Senior Citizens Week, is sponsored by the Kiwanis club of Kingston, the Hugh Lawson Shearer Foundation, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, the Lions Club of St. Andrew Central, and the Kiwanis Club of North St. Andrew.