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Approximately 40 senior citizens ranging from 60 to 100 years old from the districts of Jericho and Claremont in Eastern Hanover, were feted and honoured on Sunday, August 5.
The event, part of the Jericho reunion and homecoming 2007 programme, was held on the grounds of the Jericho All-age School, under the distinguished patronage of Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Honourable Professor Kenneth Hall, who is from the district of Claremont.
With three centenarians among the awardees, the seniors were treated to a sumptuous meal provided by the Tryall Hotel, presented with certificates in recognition of their service to the community, and given special gift packages sponsored by the young residents of the two communities.
Guest Speaker at the event, Lecturer at the University of the West Indies and son of the Jericho community, Dr. Clinton Hutton, highlighted the longevity of the recipients, pointing out that their years of living would amount to thousands of years.
“I find it such an honour to speak to you today, because you have what I do not have. You have the experience of life, you have been weaving life, sharing life and indeed you have one of the most important values that you only can get by living a certain time, and that is wisdom, knowledge and understanding,” he said.
Dr. Hutton said that the senior citizens, by virtue of their ages, have become storehouses of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and expressed the hope that their children and grandchildren would utilize the opportunities open to them to learn from the experiences and wisdom of the seniors. He said the seniors have helped to put today’s generation from within the communities on the straight and narrow road of progressive living, and also to work with diligence.

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