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Nineteen senior citizens have graduated from a computer introduction course, which was offered by the Manchester Parish Library.
The ceremony was held on September 15, at the Mandeville Parish Church Hall, in Manchester, where the seniors were presented with Certificates of Participation.
Regional Director of the Clarendon and Manchester Library network, Mrs. Lorraine McLean, said she was delighted to see the seniors graduating from the computer training programme.
“It is a pleasure for me to see a second set of our senior citizens graduating from our computer classes at the library,” she added.
The Regional Director said that some of the seniors who took the computer course showed courage, as many of them had retired before being introduced to the computer.
“We at the library felt that it is a service that we are offering to our senior citizens, because our world has changed so much because of technology. Many senior citizens left the working world before they were introduced to computers. Some people were introduced before they left, but we think it is a service to offer the course, so that senior citizens can help themselves, because in this technologically driven age, we do not want our senior citizens to be left behind,” she said.
Mrs. McLean pointed out that a similar group of senior citizens in Clarendon had also graduated from the computer course in August this year.
Meanwhile, a message sent by Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Pearnel Charles, said that the administration would redouble its efforts to create programmes to ensure the well-being of senior citizens and to enable them to continue to make meaningful contributions to Jamaica’s development.
“We recognise that seniors will live longer and as a consequence, this administration will redouble its efforts to create programmes, including those concerned with lifestyle matters, to ensure their well-being and enable them to continue making a meaningful contribution to Jamaica’s development,” the Minister said.
Mr. Charles said the Government has established some new initiatives geared toward senior citizens.
“We recently established the Special Anniversary Benefit, for which persons born between 1906 and 1908 are eligible. We have also been on a drive to identify centenarians, as we seek to recognise and show gratitude to these persons who have given a lifetime to the development of Jamaica,” he said.
These initiatives, Mr. Charles added, reflect the government’s commitment to Jamaica’s senior citizens, who make up more than 11 per cent of the population.
This year the country will observe National Senior Citizens’ Week from Sunday September 27 to Saturday, October 3, under the theme: ‘Seniors Providing Stability in Challenging Times’.

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