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A team of senior officers from the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) will meet with the Jamaican Diaspora in South Florida at a community forum on Saturday, January 21 in North Miami.
The team members are Deputy Commissioner of Police, Charles Scarlett of the Intelligence Unit; Assistant Commissioner, Glenmore Hinds of Operation Kingfish and Inspector V.C. Campbell of the Narcotics Unit.
Discussions will focus on the measures being taken to fight crime and violence on the island, community policing, efforts to correct corruption within the Force, and recruitment and training of officers.
The forum is being hosted by the Jamaican Diaspora in the Southern United States and the Jamaica Ex-Police Association of Florida.
Advisory Board Member of the Association, Dahlia Walker-Huntington said that crime and violence was of primary concern among Jamaican nationals abroad. By looking to the security forces, she continued, the Diaspora could learn of ways in which they could provide assistance in the crime fighting measures.
She appealed to Jamaicans to be more co-operative, as “we are not immune to crime on the island, being here in the Diaspora”.
While encouraging participation from the community, Mrs. Walker-Huntington also urged persons to share useful information with the security forces at all times.

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