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Approximately 40 senior citizens from Jericho, in Hanover, were recognised for their contribution to community development, at a special luncheon, held recently at Tryall Hotel, in the parish.
Chief among the senior citizens was 99 year-old Beatrice Dixon, who flew down from the United States of America for the occasion. She received a special award from the Executive Director of the National Council for Senior Citizens, Beverley Hall-Taylor, and the main award from the Jericho Re-union Committee.
Secretary of the Committee, Glenda Miller, told JIS News that the Committee thought that it was fitting to express appreciation to these seniors, who added value and meaning to community life, leaving a good heritage etched in the hearts and lives of the young people.

Executive Director of the National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC), Beverley Hall-Taylor (left), converses with Secretary of the Jericho Reunion Committee, Mrs. Glenda Miller (right), while Parish Organiser for the NCSC, Denise Shaw (second right), looks on. Occasion was a luncheon for senior citizens of Jericho, held at the Tryall Hotel, in Hanover, recently.

“The function represented and symbolised a way of giving back and saying thank you to those who mean so much to the community. Most of these senior citizens have never gone out of the community to dine at a restaurant or hotel, so instead of scattering the roses when they are dead, we thought it was opportune to scatter the flowers while they were alive and could smell the fragrance. They were really happy and expressed the joy of participating in the event, which they will never forget,” Mrs. Miller said.
Addressing participants at the luncheon, President of the Jamaica Red Cross, Dr. Jaslin Salmon emphasised that senior citizens were important to the community, as they possessed knowledge that could be valuable in building and sustaining a community and a nation.
“A senior citizen can serve as a sign post for those who will follow after. A senior citizen can be a good example of excellent citizenship and also an exemplary guide for the youth,” he said.
“As you age, therefore, seek to do so with beauty, soul and strength by taking the best care of your bodies,” Dr. Salmon told the senior citizens.

Executive Director of the National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC), Beverley Hall-Taylor (second left), presents a gift to 99 year- old Beatrice Dixon for her contribution to community life in Jericho, at the Jericho Reunion and Home coming luncheon for senior citizens, held at Tryall Hotel, in Hanover, recently.

The function was organised by members of the Jericho Re-union Committee, who were celebrating their biennial re-union and home coming.

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