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Scores of senior citizens participated in a day of fun-filled activities at the St. Andrew Parish Church Hall in Kingston, on Thursday (October 21) in celebration of Senior Citizens’ Appreciation Day.
The packed church hall, filled mainly with women, saw entertainment by the Jamaica Military Band and a fashion show dubbed “Fashion Show of Yester Year; 50s, 60s and 70s”. Other activities included an exhibition of products made by senior citizens and an awards ceremony, as well as discussions and tips on health and savings.
Executive Director of the National Council for Senior Citizens, Beverley Hall-Taylor, explained that the role of the Council is to collaborate with key personnel, to ensure that life is more meaningful and comfortable for senior citizens.
Perline Maxfield, a participant in the celebrations, noted that she has always enjoyed activities involving senior citizens, while admitting, “so far we are having fun.”
She noted that the health tips were “interesting and valuable” and could assist her in minimising strains, aches and pains associated with her aging, particularly her osteoarthritis.
Osteoarthritis is the most common joint disease, and represents a growing public health need. It is characterised by loss of articulating cartilage, new bone formation and the formation of bony spurs, called osteophytes.
Physical therapist, Debra Callander, encouraged the seniors to practise proper bending and lifting techniques to minimise aches, strains and pains.
The event was organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the National Council for Senior Citizens, in recognition of the contribution of seniors to national development. It was originally scheduled for October 1, in recognition of International Day of Older Persons, but was postponed due to the inclement weather.

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