Senior Citizen Receives New Home from Food for the Poor

Lilian Miller, a seventy-year-old resident of the York Town community in Southwest Clarendon has received a single unit house, as a result of a partnership between Food for the Poor and the Poor Relief Department of the Clarendon Parish Council.
The Unit is valued at approximately J$124, 000 (US$2,000). In a JIS News interview, Ms. Miller expressed her gratitude for her new accommodation.”I thank God first and I want to thank Food for the Poor, and the Clarendon Poor Relief Department for giving me a new home today. Things were bad after the hurricane as it brought more damage to where I was living and I’m looking forward to moving in as soon as it is painted,” she said. Ms. Miller is registered with the Poor Relief Department of the Clarendon Parish Council.
Acting Inspector of the Poor, Patricia Anderson explained to JIS News that the house was the 49th of 50 units being constructed in about 29 districts in Clarendon under the collaborative programme to help the registered poor and other indigents.
Construction of the houses began in late November last year. “Some of the housing conditions of the registered poor have really not been very good even before Hurricane Ivan in September last year and things have got worse for them, so we’re very happy that Food for the Poor has responded to our request at this time even though the applications were made before the hurricane took place,” she said.

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