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Members of the Senate on Friday (December 16), paid tribute to outgoing Clerk to the Houses of Parliament, Sharonette Lewis for her 11 years of service to Gordon House.
Senators from both sides of the House voiced their appreciation of Mrs. Lewis’ contribution to nation building, through her years of service to the Houses as well as her efforts to improve the physical environment of the Parliament.
A qualified lawyer, Mrs. Lewis is the first female to occupy the position as Clerk to the Houses of Parliament.
Mrs. Lewis entered the legal field in 1958 as a Deputy Clerk in the Port Maria Resident Magistrate’s Court and was Deputy Clerk and Acting Clerk of the Courts in both the Kingston Civil Court and Kingston Criminal Court at different times.
A graduate of London’s Inn, Mrs. Lewis was called to the Bar in July of 1972. She returned to Jamaica to continue in the Resident Magistrates’ Court as Clerk of the Courts where she prosecuted in various courts until 1976, when she joined the Department of the Director of Public Prosecutions as a Crown Counsel.
During the period she acted as Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, returning to the Resident Magistrates’ Courts in 1979 to act as a Resident Magistrate.
Appointed a Resident Magistrate in 1980, she remained in the Courts until August 1994 when she assumed duties at Gordon House.

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