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Members of the Senate, on Friday (May 29), paused to observe a moment of silence for the late Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Shahine Robinson.

They had just received word that Mrs. Robinson, who had served as Member of Parliament for North East St. Ann since 2001, had passed away after ailing for some time. She was 66 years old.

Mrs. Robinson, served as Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for local government in 2007, and in 2011, was promoted to Minister without Portfolio with responsibility for local government in the Ministry of Housing, Environment, Water and Local Government headed by Hon. Dr. Hotace Chang, who is the current National Security Minister.

Leader of Government Business in the Senate and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Hon. Kamina Johnson Smith, extended heartfelt sympathy.

She said members of the Senate will be able to place on record their substantive tributes at an appropriate time.

“Just having [said] prayers at the beginning of this session for Shahine, for her strength, for her recovery, for the easing of her pain, I just wish to note, on behalf of the Senate and recognising that we will give tributes at an appropriate time, our sadness, the blessing that it was for all of us to know her, who knew her,” she said.

Senator Kavan Gayle said Mrs. Robinson’s passing “has taken a serious jolt on the entire country and all of us”.

“It is with sadness that one of our colleagues would have passed whilst we are conducting the nation’s business. I am at a loss for words and I think many of you are [too] but I think out of the deepest respect, we must rise and offer a moment of silence for our colleague,” he said.

Leader of Opposition Business, Donna Scott-Mottley, also expressed sadness at Mrs. Robinson’s passing.

“I have known her for a very long time. I found her just to be a real person, not a partisan person but a real person who wanted to serve.

She is loved across both parties… .When you can be on a different side and everybody feels a sense of loss, that is a testament and a testimony to who you are,” she said.

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