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Members of the Senate on Friday (September 26) accepted a motion moved by Government Senator and President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society, Norman Grant, to give full support to the nation’s farmers in their commitment to increase production of food.
Government Senator and State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, Noel Monteith, in his contribution, said the resolution was intended to encourage young Jamaicans attending schools to embrace agriculture.
He however, pointed out that agriculture had to be packaged in a way that it was attractive to them. “As long as children continue to see their parents as straddles of the society we cannot expect them to choose agriculture as a career or a viable alternative, and therefore, that is why I am so encouraged by the new drive to make agriculture attractive so that the young will want to take up agriculture as a career”.
Senator Monteith suggested that to encourage young people to develop the love for agriculture, sustainable results-oriented agricultural projects should be introduced in schools, so that students would identify themselves with the success of the project and start formulating in their own minds whether the production was worthwhile.
“That is why I would encourage the idea of having projects established all over Jamaica and to ensure that all these are successful, especially in our schools, that children will have a model and they will then see that it could be worthwhile,” he added.
Senator Monteith also suggested that funding for agriculture should be used for institutional strengthening. “I would like to encourage Senator Grant to make sure that the funding made available for agriculture is not used so much for infrastructure . we must ensure that we invest in new methods and technology if agriculture were to move forward.
Senator Grant who moved the resolution, called on Jamaicans to support local farmers by buying locally grown produce.
He also urged the Government to assist farmers to combat soil diseases; to deal with water and irrigation problems; to help with marketing, research and development, technology and management.

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