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Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, Senator Don Wehby, has urged Jamaicans to return to a society of good values and positive attitudes.
“We need to create what I would describe as a culture of excellence. But sometimes when I listen to the lyrics of the popular music, I hear recurring themes of violence, warfare, contempt of women and drugs. This is not the Jamaica I would like to see,” Senator Wehby said.
The Minister was speaking at the Junior Debate International, held Friday (June 19) at the Police Officers’ Club, Hope Road, Kingston.
“The way we talk to one another, even the way we drive on the road. I would like to see us emphasise simple things, by saying ‘good morning’, ‘thank you’, or holding the door for each other. We need to give our young people a sense of responsibility, self worth, self-respect, respect for others and respect for their surroundings,” Senator Wehby added.
He urged the students to have a passion for what they are doing, and to be willing to work hard and for long hours to achieve what they want.
“You have to have a commitment to your task. You have to persevere. You have to love other people, and you have to have the desire for success. You have to have the desire to be world class and most of all, never say you cannot do it,” Senator Wehby said.
In the finals of the debate, Supreme Preparatory School defeated Albion Primary School, debating the moot point, “The wage freeze will cause more hardship for Jamaicans.”
The Junior Debate International is aimed at: developing tolerance and respect for other people’s opinions; promoting social interaction through friendly competition; training and developing mankind’s greatest asset-the power of reasoning; encouraging academic excellence.

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