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Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, Senator Warren Newby, has said that for firms to combat the challenges of globalisation, there needs to be an intense focus on business innovation and productivity.
Senator Newby, who was speaking at the Jamaica Employers’ Federation’s (JEF) National Youth Employment Forum held on (Sep. 20) at the University of the West Indies’ Mona campus, noted that there are a number of variables that are essential in this regard, and at the top of the list is a well-trained and educated workforce and also investment in new technology.
“To keep up with the constantly improving production processes, introducing improved business practices and entering new specialised markets, local businesses will require a continuous supply of high cadre, trainable and trained workers,” he pointed out. “Our ability as a country to absorb new technologies, to produce goods and services that can reach standards of quality and performance acceptable in international markets is dependent on the quality of schools and the priority given to have a steady flow of well-trained workers,” he added.
According to Senator Newby, skills development through training is becoming increasingly important for upgrading the stock of human capital.
“With an improvement in our human capital, companies are more likely to adapt to the changing global market place and thus be able to maintain or increase their competitive edge,” he argued.
In the meantime, Senator Newby lauded the JEF on its publication of the ‘Ready for Work and Business’ manual, which was launched yesterday.
Stating that the book “is a step in the right direction to improving our productivity levels”, he said that collaborative effort has to be made between the public and private sector to ensure that students have access to the publication.
The National Youth Employment Forum was held under the theme: ‘Talent, Technology and Policy-driving Business Innovation’.

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