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Minister of State for Labour and Social Security, Senator Floyd Morris, has expressed satisfaction with the progress of the work at Sabina Park, to make the facility more accessible for persons with disability, in time for the ICC World Cup Cricket 2007.
Senator Morris, who spoke to journalists yesterday (Oct. 24) after a tour of the facilities, said that adequate ramps were in place and the bathroom facilities, the bar area, as well as the elevators, were very accessible for the physically challenged.
“There is a lowering of the (bar) counter to ensure that a person in wheelchair can access it as well. The elevators have Braille inscription on them, there are also designated seating areas in the stands, for persons with disabilities and their spouses if they so desire,” he informed.
He noted that although he was pleased with the progress at Sabina Park, “we would like to have Braille inscription on the outer-side of the elevator to make sure that it indicates to the blind person that this is where the elevator is. That is not a major problem.this is something that can be installed at any time”.
The work at Sabina Park is part of the ‘Friendly City 2007 project’ to promote Jamaica as a disabled-friendly destination.
Under the project, work would be carried out on designated sidewalks in New Kingston, from Trafalgar Road to Knutsford Boulevard and Oxford Road; South Camp Road; Tom Redcam Drive leading to Sabina Park; Collie Smith Drive; in the Allman Town area and in Port Royal.
“The Friendly City 2007 project is expected to see the installation of ramps, the fixing of cracks on the sidewalks in these designated areas, so that wheelchair users can have access to the road. in time for World Cup cricket 2007,” he explained.