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Government Senator Hyacinth Bennett has called for a moral rearmament campaign to be put in place, so as to address the decline in morals and fundamental values in the society.
Senator Bennett, who opened the State of the Nation Debate in the Senate on Friday (June 21), said that too many of the country’s disruptive citizens suffer from the “hole in the heart phenomenon, a deeper inner sickness which eats away at their psyches and robs them of self-esteem and a sound character.”
The soul of the nation, she said, “is in jeopardy from a culture of callousness, banality and the coarsening of sensibilities and too many have lost or at best are operating with a defective moral compass.”
She pointed out that the moral rearmament campaign would help to develop a reverence for life and “civilize and humanize” more of the nation’s young in particular, enabling them to love and not to hate.
The initiative, she said, would promote social skills, in terms of how to live with others harmoniously and respectfully, with a healthy appreciation of human rights.
“Let’s help more of our young people understand their history, their roots, where they are coming from, but let us avoid the line of least defence such as the distribution of condoms in schools and instead equip them with tactics of self control and how to delay instant gratification,” she stated. Senator Bennett argued that what will add meaning to the proposed moral rearmament campaign is what “we leaders within and out of this honourable house portray for the emulation by our young.”
“It is our integrity that is our most prized procession and our most effective lesson to others,” she stated.

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