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The Six Anti-Crime Bills, which will form part of the Government’s initiative to fight crime, were tabled in the Senate, Friday (June 25).
Minister of National Security, Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson and Minister of Justice and Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Hon. Dorothy Lightbourne, tabled the Bills.
The Bills are: an Act to amend the Bail Act; an Act to further amend the Firearms Act; an Act to amend the Offences Against the Person Act; an Act to amend the Parole Act; an Act to make interim provision in relation to the grant of bail in specified circumstances; and an Act to make interim provision extending the powers of arrest and detention under Sections 50B and 50F of the Constabulary Force Act.
They were considered by a Joint Select Committee in 2008, but there was no consensus between the Government and the Opposition on some of the provisions in two Bills, which had to be redrafted.
At one point the debate on the six crime Bills were postponed in the House of Representatives, as the Government and the Opposition agreed to hold talks to arrive at a “workable agreement” on the legislation.
Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding, in his remarks in the Lower House had described the Bills as a “necessary response to a problem that has to be dealt with,” even as he acknowledged that some of the measures may be contentious.
The Bills were, however, passed in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (June 22).

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