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The Senate, yesterday (December 4), passed the Registration (Strata Titles) Amendment Act, with a total of 29 amendments.
Deliberations on the Bill concluded, with three additional amendments, one week after debate commenced in the Upper House. Prior to Friday’s sitting, the Bill had been deliberated on and passed in the Lower House on October 27 with 26 amendments.
The Registration (Strata Titles) Act was enacted in 1969 to facilitate the subdivision of land into strata, commonly known as apartments. The Registration (Strata Titles) Amendment Act amends the original legislation to, among other things, establish a Commission of Strata Corporation, specifying its role and function; establish a timeframe within which new strata should be registered; stipulate penalties for non-payment of annual fees, and provide for the recovery of same in the courts.
Passage of the Bill, according to Justice Minister and Attorney General, Senator the Hon. Dorothy Lightbourne, Q.C., comes after “several years” of extensive consultations with stakeholders and deliberations by several Joint Select Committees of Parliament.
Additionally, President of the Senate, Senator the Hon. Oswald Harding, Q.C., noted that “this Bill has gone through six Ministers” noting that he had “followed them up carefully”. He, however, expressed satisfaction that the Bill was finally “coming out.”
In his remarks, Opposition Senator, Mark Golding, who proposed several of the amendments, expressed gratitude to Senator Lightbourne for accommodating his suggestions, and “having done the drafting necessary to incorporate them into the Bill in a week.” Senator Lightbourne thanked her colleague for his input, citing that they were “useful and very helpful.”

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