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    The Senate, at its first official sitting last Friday (Nov. 9), approved the appointment of members of committees, which will consider various matters.
    Members of the Standing Orders Committee are: Dr. Oswald Harding, chairman; Tom Tavares Finson, Ian Murray, Dennis Meadows, A. J. Nicholson, K.D. Knight, and Mark Golding.
    In addition, Dorothy Lightbourne was appointed to chair the Senate Committee, with the other members being Aundre Franklyn, Warren Newby, Desmond McKenzie, Navel Clarke, Norman Grant, and Sandrea Falconer.
    The members of the Privileges Committee, which will be chaired by Dr. Oswald Harding are: Aundre Franklyn, Thomas Tavares Finson, Hyacinth Bennett, Noel Sloley, Sandrea Falconer and Basil Waite.
    Appointed to the Regulations Committee are: Thomas Tavares Finson, chairman; Desmond McKenzie, Ian Murray, Dennis Meadows, A. J. Nicholson, K. D. Knight, and Basil Waite.
    In the meantime, Thomas Tavares Finson, Aundre Franklyn, Warren Newby, Hyacinth Bennett, Navel Clarke, Norman Grant and Mark Golding have been appointed to sit jointly with a similar committee to be appointed by the House of Representatives, to consider and report on private bills.

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