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KINGSTON — Chairperson of the Lifelong Learning Focus Group, Erica Williams, has stressed the importance of continuous learning throughout one’s lifetime.

Speaking with JIS News Wednesday (June 15) during a lifelong learning public seminar, at the Webster Memorial United Church hall in Kingston, Miss Williams pointed out that lifelong learning speaks to learning which takes place “from the womb to the tomb”.

“So, we want everyone to embrace learning, whether you are age one or you are 100 and beyond,” Miss Williams said

She pointed out that this was the mission of the Lifelong Learning Focus Group, which collaborated with the HEART Trust/NTA and the National Parent-Teacher Association of Jamaica (NPTA), to host the seminar.

“We want everyone, all our citizens to embrace continuous learning throughout their lives,” she urged the participants noting that the group has been convening and hosting seminars and fora to sensitize Jamaicans.

Miss Williams, who is also Manager of the Career Development Services Department of the HEART Trust/NTA, said the Lifelong Learning Focus Group has been partnering with the NPTA to host lifelong learning seminars, targeting parents as a specific group.

“We really thought that it was very timely to do some collaboration with the NPTA, as a means of trying to foster and encourage parents to embrace learning, so that it can filter down to their children,” she said.

She said that parents will also be able to acquire the knowledge and skills they need, to be able to assist their children with their homework.

Director, Regional 1, in the Ministry of Education, Elaine Raulston, said the workshop was significant, as it looked at something that Jamaicans should have been focusing on for a long time.

“Just by having these parents here and expressing the importance of lifelong learning, I think, it will go a long way to have parents understand that, once you are alive, you need to continue learning, because we are living in a changing world,” she emphasized.

Seminar participant and mother of three, Makeda Samuels, told JIS News that she found the session very informative and that what she has learnt, will help her to address the educational needs of both herself and her children.

The Lifelong Focus Group, established in 2003, consists of representatives of private and public sector organizations and training and educational institutions, working towards fostering a culture of lifelong learning in Jamaica. The Group has its Secretariat at the HEART Trust/NTA.

The seminar was held under the theme: ‘Lifelong Learning: Balancing Parenting, Learning and Career Development’.