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A seminar, to raise awareness of the various laws to protect children from abuse, will be held on Monday, October 22 at the Management Institute for National Development’s (MIND) Old Hope Road headquarters.  

The seminar is organised by Empowered Executive Professional Incorporated (EEPI) under the theme: ‘Protecting At-Risk Youth: The Legal Framework.’ It will examine the laws that exist, the challenges in enforcing these laws, international standards, and how Jamaica measures up.

“We have seen that there are a lot of problems out there affecting some of our youth, who are at times sexually abused, killed, and mistreated. So we saw the need to address these issues by hosting this seminar,” Vice Chairman of the EEPI, Karen Samuels, told JIS News.

She said the hope is that more persons “can become aware that there are laws that exist to protect our children from these abuses,”

At-risk youth face complex challenges as a result of difficult family situation or social environment. These include crime, violence, sexual and substance abuse, and poor academic performance.

Ms. Samuels said as a country, more needs to be done to help at-risk youth, who are faced with such challenges, so that they can enjoy their childhood, and reach their fullest potential.  

She said  caregivers and even strangers should show care for children instead of abusing them. 

“We need to show our children more love and devotion, so they can feel comfortable  to talk about issues affecting them,” she said further, noting that sometimes children are not paid enough attention in the home, and their yearning for some kind of approval or support, make them vulnerable to being abused.

In addition to the main presenters, who will speak on the legal framework, motivational speakers will be on hand to empower the youth to cope with challenges, and how to become a role model for others to follow.

Some of the sponsors are the Tax Fraud and Intelligence Unit, Prestige Bakery, Barco Caribbean Limited, Mega Marketing, Wysnco, and Print Big.

Persons, who wish to attend the seminar, can contact the EEPI at 927-1761 or 967-9432.  

The EEPI was formed on September 10, 2012 as a result of the MIND certificate course in Administrative Management.  As part of this course, the group was asked to arrange a seminar.