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Patrons attending the Jamaica 50 Golden Jubilee Village, at Independence Park, from August 1 to 6, can be assured of their safety, as stringent security measures will be in place at the venue.

This was stated by Safety and Security Manager, Jamaica50 Secretariat, Bobby Finzi-Smith, at a Golden Jubilee Village press briefing, held at the National Arena on July 27.

He noted that security will be provided by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and at least seven different private security companies.

“We have asked a number of security companies, which have been chosen based on their expertise. We have chosen security companies that are very good at backstage work, because of their experiences. We have chosen security companies that are good at access control, not only because of their firmness, but also because of their politeness,” he said.

The Manager said the intention is not to create an armed camp, but safe and secure environs where patrons will feel at ease to enjoy themselves.

He pointed out that they (security personnel) will be operating in a manner, which will be displayed through “firm but fair, friendly but certainly not familiar” action.

Mr. Finzi-Smith noted that searches of patrons will be undertaken by the Jamaica Constabulary Force, in conjunction with the Jamaica Defence Force.

"We are going to try and ensure that the access points are free flow and as unencumbered as possible, but there will be searches,” he added.

He said that while the event will be a family oriented one, he is encouraging parents not to leave their children unattended. “You have people who go to large events and let go of their child and within two seconds, they start screaming as to where the child is. If we get the crowds, as we anticipate getting, you are going to have to keep your eye on your child,” he said, adding that the Children’s Village is not a day care centre.

Mr. Finzi-Smith is urging licensed firearm holders to leave their weapons at home, adding that dialogue is being undertaken with the Stadium Police to store the weapons if called on to do so.

Restricted items throughout the village include: offensive weapons, such as firearms, knives (umbrellas with sharp tips); large coolers; and glass bottles.

He is encouraging patrons to be as co-operative as possible, to ensure that the events run smoothly.

The Safety and Security Manager noted that measures are being implemented to ensure that the cars parked at the various locations under the park and ride initiative, will be safe.

Park and ride locations will be at King’s House east grounds, Up Park Camp (Duppy Gate entrance) and Jamaica College (JC).

The opening of the village takes place on August 1 and is slated to close on August 6.

Positioned as the soul and pulse of the Jamaica 50 celebrations, the village will be abuzz with activity, as it plays host to hundreds of performers and a multitude of all ages from across the island and the world.  

Comprising a piano bar and a main stage, in addition to an exciting Children’s Village, the Golden Jubilee Village will be replete with entertainment and thought-provoking conversations.

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