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Eight months after the launch of Operation Kingfish, National Security Minister, Dr. Peter Phillips has credited the special task force initiative as being instrumental in leading to 200 arrests, the seizure of 12 tonnes of cocaine, and nearly 100 illegal firearms being confiscated.
Minister Phillips said Operation Kingfish was launched “with the aim of dismantling organised criminal gangs, and to apprehend their leaders and their cohorts”.
“Since its inception [in October of last year], the Task Force has had significant successes in both the number of arrests made and the number of criminals wanted for various serious crimes,” he added.
The Minister was responding to questions about the initiative posed by Opposition Member of Parliament, Clive Mullings, in the House on June 14.
Pointing to tangible successes that have been achieved to date, the Minister noted that “criminal groupings in the Kingston metropolitan region, including St. Catherine, have been disrupted and the leading figure in at least one notorious gang, has been held”.
Dr. Phillips revealed that within the past week, resulting from five operations, some 30 persons had been arrested on suspicion for serious crimes, seven of whom were being interviewed in relation to murder charges and two for shootings in the Corporate Area.
Operation Kingfish, he noted, was financed from the on-going operations budget for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, and that the Ministry of National Security had made adjustments in the capital provision for vehicles and equipment as might be required.

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