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Cabinet Ministers are now in retreat to discuss a number of issues ranging from the Proceeds of Crime Act and the setting of the legislative agenda for the remainder of the parliamentary year, to the EU Sugar Protocol, World Cup 2007, investment facilitation and the national shelter and settlement strategy.
Minister of Information, Hon. Burchell Whiteman said the Cabinet retreat is particularly important at this time as the Most Hon. Prime Minister P.J. Patterson prepares to put new mechanisms in place for the transition to a new leader of the party and consequently a new head of government.
Speaking with JIS News at Couples Sans Souci Resort in St. Mary where the planning retreat is underway, Senator Whiteman acknowledged that the members of the Cabinet have to make some strategic decisions, which may impact upon the budget, and which also, very importantly, would reflect the commitment made when the party faced the electorate in 2002.
“Commitments were made in the manifesto,” he said. “Subsequently, there has been a programme through which the government has been working and it is important therefore to review where we are at this time, and look at what the critical issues are as they go forward over the next few months,” Minister Whiteman explained.
He noted, “The priorities.have to do with both social and economic development, job creation and security and the fact that security was the first item, I think, tells its own story that that is very much at the heart of the entire development strategy.”
The retreat will end on Saturday, January 07.

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