JIS News

Three secondary schools in St. Thomas are to be expanded by the Ministry of Education and Youth to accommodate the surge in the student population in the parish. The project, which is estimated to cost several million dollars, will see two classrooms being added at St. Thomas Technical; three classrooms at Morant Bay High; with a 100 per cent expansion of Paul Bogle High to accommodate nearly 1,000 students.
“We are about to sign contracts because we’ve already gone through the tendering process,” said Director of Technical Services in the Ministry, Lauriston Wilson. He also told JIS News of the Ministry’s plans to establish new schools in the parish to benefit communities between Prospect and Port Morant, where there has been a boom in housing development.
“There have been a number of housing developments put up there without any provision (being) made for schools. We have had discussions as we recognize that high school spaces are needed in that area because it’s a growing settlement area,” he said.

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