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The Seaview Gardens Health Centre in Kingston has been adopted by Massy Distribution (Jamaica) Limited as part of the Ministry of Health’s Adopt-A-Clinic programme.

The centre will now benefit from a three-year partnership with the company, which has committed $3,000,000 to the project. The funds will be used to purchase clinical and other equipment, and to undertake minor infrastructure upgrades, to include painting, fencing and improved lighting at the facility.

In addition to the residents of Seaview Gardens, the centre also serves persons from White Lane, Henley Road and Spanish Town Road.

The adoption ceremony was held at the centre on April 30.

Services offered at the centre include maternal and child health services, curative services, dental services, visiting mental health services (once monthly), visiting phlebotomy services (twice monthly), visiting screening for heart pathology (once per month), pickup and drop-off pharmacy services (three times weekly).

In his address at the function, Minister of Health, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, said the centre is an important part of the fabric of community life and is fundamental to health and wellness at the community and national levels.

“I want to place on record our appreciation to the Massy Group for agreeing to participate in this important initiative. The Adopt-A-Clinic Programme gives the adopter an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the population they serve. They are saying we want to give back based on the support we have gotten,” he said.

The Minister said partnerships continue to be an important factor for providing quality public health infrastructure, adding that the establishment and maintenance of health centres are made possible through public-private partnerships.

“I want to emphasise the importance of partnerships in public health. This Adopt-A- Clinic programme, which was developed a few years ago, is an attempt at demonstrating the importance of partnership in securing the health and wellness in our communities and population,” he added.

In his remarks, Member of Parliament for St. Andrew Western, Anthony Hylton, said the initiative gives corporate Jamaica and other well-thinking Jamaicans the opportunity to give back to their communities, and boosts worker morale.

“The health infrastructure makes a difference to employees, as if they are able to get good healthcare, they are able to be good productive workers,” he said.

Country Manager for Massy Jamaica, Peter Graham, said the distribution company, through this initiative, seeks to add value to the health facility and transform the lives of community members.

“We believe that the residents of Seaview Gardens should be able to come to a facility in their community to receive quality healthcare. It is our dream that, one day, this facility will be world-class,” he said.

The Adopt-A-Clinic programme is designed to encourage Jamaicans, the Jamaican diaspora and other friends of Jamaica to ‘adopt’ a clinic in communities across the island.

Objectives under this programme are to upgrade and improve the services of health centres across the island.

Under the Adopt-A-Clinic programme, the Ministry has earmarked 100 health centres across the island for support from local and international persons, groups and corporate entities, with the aim of strengthening primary healthcare facilities.

An estimated eight health centres have been formally adopted, with approximately 20 more to be announced later this year.