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The Seaforth Primary School in St. Thomas staged its second annual Literacy Fair on Thursday (May 17), as part of activities to lift literacy levels at the institution.

Held under the theme: ‘Reading is the soil in which intelligence and knowledge grow,’ the aim was to highlight the benefits of literacy and encourage children to read through fun and interactive ways.

Principal, Trineta Fendall, told JIS News that with the success of the inaugural event held in 2011, “we decided it would be a good idea to do it again this year."

“We thought that if we held a literacy fair, it would motivate the children and let them see the value of literacy and, most of all, let them see that it is something they can enjoy doing,” she added.

She said a decision was made to open up the day’s activities to other schools within the Quality Education Circle “so we can share ideas with each other."

During the day, the students participated in debating, spelling, reading, and quiz competitions. Games such as hopscotch, hula-hoop, word bingo, and treasure hunt, were transformed into learning exercises, with mathematics and English Language questions woven into the games.

Literacy Co-ordinator at Seaforth Primary, Debbie Graham, expressed pleasure with the day’s activities. She said the event was “strategically placed in Child’s Month so that we can showcase the children’s abilities."

Twelve year-old Ramoy Hamilton also lauded the event, noting that “overall it is a very good fair because it helps us to improve in reading and spelling."

Participating organisations included Lee’s Books and Things, Coldax Mart Limited, Family Games International, which showcased their new Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) ‘Pass Your Exams’ board game, Jamaica Library Service, and the Jamaica Information Service (JIS).


By Christine Ade-Gold

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