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    The Sports Development Foundation (SDF), on March 10, officially handed over a multi-purpose court to the St. Aloysius Primary School, which was resurfaced at a cost of $650,000.
    Principal of the school, Pauline Stephenson, noted that the multi-purpose court was necessary and would be useful in the teaching of skills and technique in the various games.
    “I am sure our children, whose foundation started here, will play for netball, basketball or volleyball,” Mrs. Stephenson said.
    She also expressed thanks to the SDF for refurbishing the court. “We are very grateful as a school family, and we are very grateful for all that you have done for us and I am sure we are going to care it for generations to come,” the Principal said.

    Principal of the St. Aloysius Primary School, Pauline Stephenson (left), about to catch ball thrown to her by Correne Clarke, Association Services Manager, Sports Development Foundation (SDF). The SDF today (March 10), officially handed over the resurfaced multi-purpose court during a ceremony at the school.

    Ludlow Watts, General Manager of the SDF also informed the school that if the court needed remarking, “you may call us and we will do our utmost to assist you.”
    In the meanwhile, Saleem Lazarus, Director of the SDF noted that since the inception of the SDF in 1995 to the period ending 2000, the Foundation has constructed some 265 multi-purpose courts and built and upgraded about 60 playing fields.
    They have also provided seats for at least 14 facilities and also lighting for about 13 playing areas.
    The SDF was incorporated as a company to promote and encourage the development of sporting talent and the growth in facilities and activities concerning all aspects of sports.

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