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Residents of Bog Walk, St. Catherine, are upbeat about the development of a Craft Village in the area, to take advantage of the flow of visitors expected during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007.
The Social Development Commission (SDC) is planning to set up a vending area in the town, where visitors can buy fruits, vegetables, craft and other items.
“People have been pouring into the Social Development Commission’s office wanting to know details of the proposal and what would be required for them to be a part of the project,” SDC Community Development Officer, Barrington Mighton told JIS News.
“At present we’re in dialogue with the Member of Parliament, K.D. Knight, for him to put his office behind the process as well as to assist in securing land for the project,” he said, adding that business entities have been showing interest in the idea.
Mr. Mighton also noted that much discussion has been generated and persons have been approaching the Member of Parliament and business persons in the community, “to come to some agreement on a piece of land that has been identified for that purpose, so we’re now in dialogue”.
He stressed that before the project could begin, a clean-up campaign would have to be implemented in the town.
“If we’re going to invite people to our town, then we must clean it up, so they will be impressed because there is so much to offer here,” Mr. Mighton told JIS News.

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