JIS News

The Social Development Commission (SDC) will observe Community Development Month (November), under the theme: ‘Our Country… Our Community… Our Responsibility….'

Public Relations Manager at the SDC, Afrika Thompson, informed that the aim of the observance is to increase the national volunteer database, and provide meaningful initiatives for communities to make positive contributions to national development.

The celebration of the Month also seeks to emphasise the need for increased individual participation in community development, islandwide.

Highlighting the theme, Miss Thompson said that approximately 40 per cent of communities in Jamaica have not yet organised themselves to effectively represent their respective areas, and the SDC seeks to address this going forward.

“So, for this year we are challenging citizens to get involved in community organisations,” she told JIS News.

Miss Thompson pointed out that over the years the SDC has been focusing on re-energising Jamaica through several initiatives, ensuring that meaningful interventions to empower community based organisations are present at the community level.

“We have been facilitating training, consultations and community projects to develop the skills and attributes necessary for citizens’ effective involvement in community and national development,” the SDC Public Relations Manager said.

The slew of activities and events to mark Community Development Month began with a parish library display opening in St. Catherine, on Thursday, November 1, and continued with a sports extravaganza, in Manchester, on November 3.

On Sunday, November 4, several church services were held in St. Ann, Trelawny, St. Catherine, St. James, and Manchester, followed by debating competitions from November 5 to 7.

Throughout the month, there will be a number of other church services, national projects, sensitization workshops, debating competitions, award ceremonies, sport extravaganzas, and parish library displays, islandwide.

The month's observance will culminate with a Stalwarts Awards ceremony in Trelawny, on December 5.

November has been celebrated in Jamaica as Community Development month since 2009.

For further details, persons can contact the SDC at 928-8304 or 928-1856.